HiI’m John


As the only child of an immigrant single mother, I’ve been chasing meaning and fulfillment my entire career. I did all the things society told me to do: pursue a white shoe finance job, work 9-5, and keep your head down - but something inside me kept saying,

Is this it? Is this all I’m supposed to be?

And that’s when content creation came along.

While growing my first 10k followers on TikTok, I realized that I loved being my own boss, setting my own hours, and pursuing my own passion. But I also learned just how difficult it was to try to start a Creator business on top of creating content.

There was no easy way to monetize my following directly and I didn’t want to sellout to big brands.

And that’s why I started Stan.

Stan is the all-in-one, business-in-a-box I wish I had when I first started creating.

Stan automates all of the ‘business stuff’ so that you can spend your time doing what you love - creating great content.

We’re on a mission to empower anyone to make a living working for themselves and we’re grateful you’re here. We’re blessed everyday to get to enable you to do what you love, and we’re passionate about becoming the pioneering platform for the future of work.

Creating content is really hard. Stan is here to help you breathe just a little bit easier.

Our Values

We’re a team of kind and hardworking servant leaders building a mission-driven organization.

Never Give Up / Resilience

Our team is unified by a shared background of overcoming adversity. We manifest and then execute our success no matter the challenge. We strive to perpetually improve.

Win as a Team

We’re flat out the most talented team out there. We have no ego, and we complement each others skillsets and hold each other up in our moments of weakness.

Reference the Data

We combine our gut intuition with the data, to make the most impactful and high conviction decisions.

Be Deeply Empathetic

We look for kindness and a genuine passion for helping others in everyone we work with.

Spark Creativity

We put our Creators first. Our job is to allow the creators do what they do best, create. We also win in this market because we ourselves create and innovate.

Find Joy

We have fun doing what we do. Through working hard for a meaningful mission, we create fulfillment and joy.

Believe in Karma

We give to the world without expectation, knowing that we’ll live a plentiful and rewarding life if we focus on helping others.